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My Almost Divorce

Ron and I had been married almost eight years when the problems started. Well, I take that back, the problems probably stemmed from things that happened long before that. There was nothing big that spurred these problems at first, but once the problems started rear their ugly heads it was a quick downward spiral.

Ron and I were hopelessly in love when we got married. Some might even go as far as to say we were blindly in love. When you begin to date someone most people imagine how happy the rest of their lives will be with that other person. I am a hopeless romantic, and perhaps that was Ron at first as well.

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Money Problems

As I mentioned in my previous post, Ron was working 60 hours a week. Honestly, 60 hours a week is a bit of an under exaggeration.  He was working 60-65 hours in the office, but he was driving an hour each way to work on top of that.  I’ll do the math for you; he was out of the house on work related activities for about 70-75 hours a week.

He began working a lot of hours because we were in so much debt we were drowning in it.  When we first got married we started taking out huge lines of credit. We both had brand new cars, we wore all the latest fashions, and on top of all of our stupidity we both owed the government huge amounts of money from our student loans